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Independent r&d industry leading system

It can prestore 15 process curves, 30 segments of each curve are allocated to 15 different sintering process materials, which need to be called directly without interference.

Automatic control system of complex process can be realized

All the conventional heat treatment experiment all the necessary function of design, through north buddy independent research and development of touch screen control system to realize automatic control, automatic start-stop automatic vacuum pump, vacuum tube and pressure balance, according to conditions set by the system automatically and select the right type of inlet And so on.

A design process derived from art

Experienced design team and fully digitized gold processing workshop. The design of each product is from the Angle of the equilibrium stability of the art and thermal field, which makes it simple, practical and stable

Thermal field modeling analysis

By means of physical numerical simulation, the heating chamber adopts the finite element analysis method, and the accurate three-dimensional thermal stress modeling is carried out according to the furnace structure and process conditions.

Start with the details

Create a great product, some details beyond your imagination. To test the temperature difference of the heat sink system to ensure the maximum efficiency of heat dissipation.

Non-standard custom-made

We complete processing workshops and excellent r&d engineers can undertake the design of some difficult, as long as you have an idea, we will give a design scheme of make you satisfied, and delivery to you in the first time, all the carefree!




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