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Tianjin University vacuum furnace

Release time:2021-09-25  Number of views:1825

Tianjin University, formerly known as Beiyang University, was founded in 1895 as the first modern university in China and a pioneer in modern Chinese higher education. In 2017, the Molecular + Research Institute was established to solve the bottleneck problems encountered in the development of chemistry through two paths: first, to find new reaction ways, build a transformative chemical reaction system, and foster a new chemical industry; Second, take chemistry as the central discipline, create a new type of molecular + path, promote interdisciplinary and fusion, and reserve future technologies;

Many researchers of the research institute and my company to establish a stable cooperative relationship, my company's R & D personnel also actively cooperate with the scientists of Tianda, timely delivery of high-quality material preparation equipment, wish the scientists of Tianda, wish China's scientific research to a higher level!

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