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After-sales commitment

Release time:2017-11-16  Number of views:8760

With years of experience and strict customer management, Nobardi Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has become a supplier that can meet customer requirements in the field of thermal engineering operations and services.

We set product development, design, processing, assembly and sales as one, is a domestic production innovation enterprise with independent research and development and production capacity, so you buy any Nobadi products at the same time, have been reliable, lifelong product after-sales service. We hereby undertake the following:

1. The high temperature heating equipment and touch screen electrical system provided by our company are guaranteed for two years free of charge (except consumables and artificial faults), and the lifetime paid after-sales service. We will accurately and timely provide customers to order the spare parts and provide all kinds of services required by customers, have the obligation, the responsibility to answer any questions raised by customers at any time.

Two, our company is responsible for customer training, and lifelong technical support, to ensure that any one of the equipment sold without fault operation.

Three, after the order is issued, that is, to establish contact with customers, at the same time our company guide customers system layout, in order to timely boot debugging for customers, so that customers are satisfied with our service every time.

Four, once the equipment failure, we will make service response within 24 hours, in the form of voice telephone, video communication and door-to-door service for customers to solve the problem in time.

5. Establish friendly and good cooperative relationship with customers, learn from each other in cooperation, listen to customers' suggestions and respect customers' opinions. During the installation of the equipment, we will train the equipment users in a systematic and standardized way.

Vi. You are welcome to visit our company for guidance before ordering, so as to ensure the authenticity of the commitments and data stated here.

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