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Henan NOBODY Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovative enterprise integrating research, development, manufacturing and operation. Its products have been spread throughout Asia, Europe and the United States, covering most laboratories in China. NOBODY has become one of the popular and trusted brands of customers.

The company focuses on scientific and technological innovation and serves customers for the purpose, actively researching and developing new products, dedicated to education and scientific research. After long-term research and development and continuous technical accumulation, the company has more than 30 patents related to thermal engineering, manufacturing and control technology, providing sophisticated equipment for scientific research in the fields of chemistry, physics, materials, electronics, polymer engineering, new material preparation and research and development. Through the introduction of "thousand people", the company has formed an effective information and technology exchange platform, which provides strong support for the international development of NOBODY!

At present, the company has developed and produced 29 series of 178 types of products, including tube furnace, vacuum furnace, lifting furnace, rapid annealing furnace (RTP), box furnace, casting furnace, rotary furnace, etc., which are mainly used in scientific research institutions and industrial and mining enterprises in the field of new materials, new energy and other physical and chemical properties, and exported to Europe, America and East Asia. A number of devices have obtained EU CE certification.

The company has a multi-level strategic cooperative relationship with the "New Century Materials Genome Engineering Research Institute", and has an open laboratory. Thousands of professors, senior engineers and doctors in the field of new energy and new materials participate in the research and development of the company's products. Adhering to the company's development concept, we rely on rigorous technology research and development ability, scientific and reasonable production process, excellence in manufacturing requirements, wholeheartedly do a good job in product quality and service, we NOBODY people always with a sincere heart to look forward to cooperation with you.

Company motto

NOBODY people always treat people with sincerity and keep their word

-- Make every interaction with NOBODY enjoyable

NOBODY people communicate with you with a sincere heart

Every instrument we offer is your ideal device

Quality assurance The equipment manufactured by NOBODY must be of high quality and high performance

Each piece of equipment is carefully crafted and rigorously tested

NOBODY to provide you with professional, fast and thoughtful pre - and post-sale service and technical support

Ensure the success of your research and explore the future of science and technology together