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Desktop type Glove box

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Equipment introduction:

In the chemical reaction and the treatment of test samples, some substances are very sensitive to oxygen and water and cannot be carried out in the ordinary natural environment.

Although the chemical reactions of such substances can be carried out in vacuum containers, they cannot be operated, which makes the chemical reactions of such substances and the processing of samples very difficult. The use of a vacuum glove box enables the material to operate, react and test freely in the inert gas environment which is relatively free of oxygen and water. Therefore, it is widely used in chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, biochemistry and battery, especially in the preparation and research of some catalysts and metallic organics (such as MO source, etc.). For example, the planetary ball mill produced by our factory is easy to oxidize and delix, or even burn, when the ground material is ground in the vacuum tank and sampled in the atmospheric environment. In this product, the grinding sample can be safely removed and put in.


 Glove box + series products

 Structure principle:

The operation box is mainly composed of the main box and the front chamber. If the user has other special requirements, can also be based on the needs of the design or transformation.

There are two or more glove operation interfaces on the main box, which are distributed in the front or both sides of the box, so that the operation box can be operated by one or several people at the same time, improving the use efficiency of the box. In addition, in front of the box or before and after can have an observation window, the operator can clearly observe the operation process in the box, so that the operation process more intuitive display in front of the operator.

There are several valves on the box of the operating box, which can be used by users according to their needs. The inside and outside of the valve are connected with a water nozzle, which can be accessed in case of water or ventilation.

The front compartment is a transition between the main box and the exterior, and is composed of two sealed doors and a valve and a KF-25 joint as well as a chamber. Inside and outside the two doors can effectively isolate the main box and the outside of the contact, so that the box inside and outside things can be easier to enter and exit. Thus solving the problem of repeatedly vacuuming and inflating the main box.

Equipment features:

The system is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, no pollution, operating box facing the window, wide Angle of view, the box is equipped with a number of valves, easy to use. The box is equipped with a porous electric socket, which can provide power for various instruments and carry out scientific experiments; Operating gloves use thick latex gloves for reliable sealing. The sealing device of the front chamber and the main box is novel in design, reliable in sealing and convenient in opening.

Main technical performance:

1. The former chamber can measure the vacuum degree: 0 ~-0.1Mpa (2.5 vacuum meter) 12 hours without leakage;
2. The front chamber + the main chamber can measure the vacuum degree: 0 ~-0.1Mpa (2.5 vacuum meter) 12 hours without leakage;
3. Leakage rate: ≤ 6torr;
4. Main box size (length * height * depth) : 594x414x444 (mm);
5. Interior diameter of the front stage: ø200 ×268 (mm);
6. Available window size (length * width) : 520×170 (mm);
7. Glove hole diameter: ø140 (mm);
8. Glove type: 6 inches;
9. Use environment: RT+15~30℃;
10. Terminal board: built-in 1500w multifunctional terminal board;
11. Box material: 304 stainless steel;
12. Surface treatment: electrostatic spraying;
13. Input voltage: 220V;
14. Operating station: 2;
15. Vacuum degree: 0.5torr;
16. Water content: less than 180ppm;
17. Oxygen content: less than 200ppm;
18. Weight: 60kg.


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