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PECVD system

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Equipment introduction:

The PECVD system is equipped with a high precision fully enclosed liquid gasification unit to provide gasification conditions including toxic liquids for surface film deposition experiments. The system is composed of high stability RF power supply (200W, 13.56MHz), gas flow control system and vacuum system. It adopts NOBODY operating software of NBD-101EP centralized bus control technology. Plasma properties are used to control or influence the process of gas reaction and chemical reaction on the material surface and to deposit thin films at appropriate temperatures. PECVD deposited films have excellent electrical properties, good substrate adhesion and excellent step coverage. Because of these advantages, it has a wide range of applications in VLSI, photoelectric devices, MEMS and other fields.





Main features:

1. Integrated liquid gasification system, which can provide stable reaction gas conditions including toxic liquids;

2. Cleaning and coating in one go, to eliminate secondary pollution;

3. Upper open structure, easy to observe the sample;

4. The product adopts automatic control mode, touch screen, digital display;

5. High degree of equipment integration;

6. Stable radio frequency power supply, uniform temperature distribution, improve the quality of film forming;

7. Excellent electromagnetic shielding scheme, efficient and safe.



Power supply

AC220V 50/60HZ

Temp Accuracy


Touch screen size

7 inches

RF frequency


Rf power output range


Deposition heating rating


Rated evaporator power


Tracking zone rating


Sensor type

Type K thermocouple

Maximum deposition temperature


Rated deposition temperature


Rated evaporator temperature


Rated temp of heat-tape


Recommended heating rate


Deposition tube diameter

Pipe diameter of evaporation source


Effective volume of evaporation source


Boundary dimension(PECVD)


Boundary dimension(evaporator)


Atmospheric condition

Gas mixture, vacuum, etc

Mechanical pump pumping rate

16 m3 /h

Maximum vacuum of furnace chamber


Flange construction

Aviation aluminum fast opening mode;

Operating system

NBD-101EP centralized bus control integrated system, 7" full touch screen control, intelligent fuzzy PID control; Intelligent man-machine dialogue mode;

Vaccum test

Digital vacuum gauge;

Equipment details




Control system

1, sintering process curve setting: dynamic display setting curve, equipment sintering can prestore multiple process curves, each process curve can be set freely;
2, can be booked sintering, unattended sintering process curve sintering;
3, real-time display of sintering power and voltage information and record sintering data, and can be exported to achieve paperless record;
4, with remote control, real-time observation of equipment status;
5. Temperature correction: the difference between the main control temperature and the sample temperature, and the whole sintering process is nonlinear correction.

Partial interface



Net weight



1. The RF matcher is generally in the automatic matching state, and the general power needs to reach more than 50W to match;

2. If manual matching is adopted, set the power to about 60W, and increase the power when manual tuning matches properly.


One year limited warranty to provide lifelong support;


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