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Double chamber sliding rail PECVD

Release time:2020-07-25  Number of views:2384

Equipment introduction:

Double temperature zone PECVD tubular furnace system, the components of 500W RF generator, positioning independent sliding sintering furnace, high precision mass flow mixing system, stable anti-oil vacuum system. The PECVD can be used to grow nanowires or to produce various thin films by CVD method.





Main features:
1. Cleaning and coating in one go, eliminate secondary pollution;
2. Upper open structure, easy to observe the sample;
3. The product adopts automatic control mode, touch screen, digital display;
4. The effect of rapid heating and cooling can be achieved by sliding the furnace body;
5. Stable radio frequency power supply, uniform temperature distribution, improve the quality of film forming.



Electrical Spec

AC220V 3KW   Rf power: 300 or 500 watts 13.56Mhz

Max working temps.

1100 ℃ 

Heating rate


Length of heating zone

200mm+200mm (two heating zones are heated separately, and the split design allows the temperature gradient to reach the limit)

Tube size


RF coils


Using multi - node silver - plated water - cooled copper coil, can match different frequency RF power supply

Control system 

1, sintering process curve setting: dynamic display setting curve, equipment sintering can prestore multiple process curves, each process curve can be set freely;
2, can be booked sintering, unattended sintering process curve sintering;
3, real-time display of sintering power and voltage information and record sintering data, and can be exported to achieve paperless record;
4, with remote control, real-time observation of equipment status;
5. Temperature correction: the difference between the main control temperature and the sample temperature, and the whole sintering process is nonlinear correction.

Temp Accuracy

+/- 1 ℃

Heating element

Mo-doped Fe-Cr-Al alloy

Sealing system

Vacuum degree: ≤10Pa (mechanical pump), to achieve lighting conditions.

Pressure measurement and monitoring

The digital display vacuum meter can display the vacuum degree of the equipment directly, and the experimental data and effect are more accurate.

Gas supply system

Mass flowmeter control, integration with equipment, convenient control, leakage test has been carried out before leaving the factory.

Net weight



1. When the furnace temperature of the equipment is greater than or equal to 300℃, it is forbidden to open the furnace to avoid injury;

2. When the equipment is in use, the pressure inside the furnace shall not exceed 0.125MPa (absolute pressure) to prevent the pressure from bursting the sealing flange;

3. When used under high vacuum (10 to the minus 3 Pa), the operating temperature of the equipment shall not exceed 800℃.


One year limited warranty to provide lifelong support;


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