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Single-channel mass flow controller

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Equipment introduction:

NBD series gas mass flowmeter is suitable for continuous gas supply of low pressure and small flow. Gas pressure and flow data can be read intuitively on the control panel, easy to operate, accurate flow control, and effective control of gas consumption. It can be used with pipe furnace and other equipment to do CVD, atmosphere sintering and other research experiments.





1. Beautiful appearance, strong practicality, easy to operate;

2. Corrosion-resistant polished stainless steel pipe, or corrosion-resistant polytetrafluoroethylene pipe;

3. Reliable gas mixing device can ensure the uniformity of gas mixing;

4. Standard size joints are used to ensure their versatility;

5. Multi-channel gas mixing can be customized.



Flowmeter type

mass flow controller

Number of inlet ports
(Multi-channel customizable)


size of interface

1/4 "double sleeve joint

measurement accuracy


Flowmeter measuring range

50、100200、500Sccm optional

pressure differential range


Net weight



1. Ensure that the pressure inside the pipeline is < 0.15MPa;

2. After the gas tank is connected to the gas cylinder, use soapy water for leak detection test;


1 year warranty with lifetime support (warranty does not include consumable parts).


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