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Multichannel gas automatic controller

Release time:2020-04-11  Number of views:1804


Device functions:

The controller has two functions: heating and valve control;
1. The program has designed 5 sets of control functions of heating zone, and communicates with the temperature control meter provided by the customer through PLC to start, stop, temperature setting, parameter setting, temperature display, status display and other functions of heating zone (can be changed according to different models of customer temperature control meter). And the alarm functions of temperature control meter overtemperature, thermocouple disconnection, real-time alarm record, historical alarm record, large temperature difference and communication interruption of temperature control meter are designed.

2. This system has designed the automatic and manual control functions of 10 groups of pneumatic valves.

It can control valve switching, running time, running cycle, remaining running time, fully open, fully closed, automatic and manual locking function, holding status, etc

Technical parameters:

Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
Touch screen size: 10 inches
Rated voltage: single-phase 220V
Rated power: 1KW
Communication mode: Modbus
Number of connected slave stations: ≤32
Valve control time: ≤500min
Number of pneumatic valves: ≤10

Use environment:
1) The relative humidity of the surrounding environment does not exceed 85%;
2) There is no conductive dust, corrosive gases that seriously damage metals and insulating materials around the equipment;
3) The foundation has no obvious tilt, vibration and turbulence;


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