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Plasma cleaner

Release time:2018-06-23  Number of views:3585

RFC series plasma cleaning machine is a non-destructive surface treatment equipment, it has a very good effect on metal, glass, silicon, ceramic, plastic, polymer surface organic pollution cleaning, but also can change the surface activity of these materials, strengthen the adhesion, compatibility and immersion of these materials. It can also remove the oxide layer on the surface of the metal material and disinfect and sterilize the cleaned material.


Main characteristics

1.With stable performance, cost-effective, simple operation, low cost of use, easy to maintain the characteristics;

2.Can deal with a variety of geometric shape surface roughness of different patterns;

3..iming processing, fast processing, high cleaning efficiency;

4.Green environmental protection does not use chemical reagents, no pollution to the sample and the environment;

5.Ultra-clean under normal temperature, non-destructive treatment of samples;


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