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Ion sputtering coating instrument

Release time:2017-11-16  Number of views:3905

NBD-LJ10 is specially designed for sample production under scanning electron microscope. It has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient use. It does not require a high degree of vacuum to ion sputtering SEM sample, so it can be used as the basic equipment of SEM sample coating.

Main characteristics

1. 4C quiet vacuum pump is adopted to reduce noise in all aspects and improve experimental experience;

2. Standard sample chamber vacuum meter and sputtering ammeter, real-time display and monitoring instrument status;

3. Edge rubber sealing ring, long-term use will not affect the vacuum degree of sample sputtering chamber glass bell jar "edge collapse" phenomenon.

4. Configure sputtering current controller and micro vacuum valve. Combined with automatic control circuit, easy to control the vacuum chamber pressure, ionization current, and can choose the required ionization gas, in order to obtain a good coating effect;

5. Standard Φ58mm x 0.12mm large size pure gold target, sputtering range is larger.

Technical parameter

1, vacuum chamber: Φ125 (113) *126mm;

2, sample table size: Φ40nn;

3, sample table adjustable height: 65mm;

4, gold target size: Φ58*0.12mm;

5. Vacuum detection: Pico vacuum gauge;

6. Vacuum protection: 20Pa is equipped with micro-charging valve to adjust the working vacuum;

7. Working medium gas in the studio: air or argon, equipped with argon special air intake and micro inflation adjustment;

8. Sputtering material: iron, cobalt, erbium.


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