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1500℃ intelligent muffle furnace

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Equipment introduction:

The exquisite appearance design gives people a smooth feeling of use. The sintering curve that varies with temperature allows you to see at a glance and solves the problem of incorrect curve setting. 15 sintering curves can be pre-stored, which saves the trouble of repeated modification, and the classic style and touch screen graphic interface make the operation of the equipment more simple. 

The reasonable heat dissipation design scheme makes the surface temperature of the furnace body always lower than 50℃ under high temperature.







1. The double-layer air-cooled structure greatly reduces the temperature of the shell surface;

2. High purity heating element with excellent acid and corrosion resistance;

3. The use of advanced refractory insulation materials, small heat loss, effectively reduce the use of equipment power;

4. Modular mechanism, durable and easy to maintain;

5. The top of the furnace is provided with an exhaust chimney to effectively eliminate volatiles produced in the sintering process;

6. Touch screen operation, intuitive display of temperature curve.





Electrical Spec

AC220V  1.5KW

AC220V  3KW

AC220V  3.5KW



Heating rate


Chamber size




Control system


1.NBD-101E embedded operating system Chinese and English interchangeable graphical interface, 7 inch true color touch screen input, intelligent man-machine dialogue mode, real-time heating power display, non-linear pattern temperature correction;

2. 15 curves can be pre-stored, and 30 "time-temperature" nodes can be set for each curve, eliminating the process of repeatedly modifying curves;

3. With high temperature alarm, broken couple warning, leakage protection and other functions.

Temp Accuracy

+/- 1℃

Heating element

High purity silicon carbon rod with excellent acid and corrosion resistance

Net weight





1. When the furnace temperature of the equipment is ≥300℃, do not open the furnace to avoid damage;

2. Slight cracks caused by continuous use of the furnace are normal and do not affect the normal use of the equipment;


1 year warranty with lifetime support (warranty does not include consumable parts) 


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