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Openable vertical tube furnace 1200℃

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Equipment Introduction:

The vertical tube furnace adopts a structural design of vertical placement of furnace tubes and annular distribution of furnace heating wires, which can be applied to quenching, annealing, tempering heat treatment of small steel parts, as well as vertical CVD coating. The equipment can operate in atmospheric and vacuum conditions, and can also be used as a regular tube furnace, suitable for universities, laboratories, research institutes, and other units.

 Configuration details

Equipment features:
1. Heating wires are distributed in a circular pattern inside the furnace, surrounding the furnace tubes 360 degrees to improve temperature uniformity inside the furnace;
2. High purity Al2O3 fiber refractory insulation material has superior insulation effect and effectively reduces equipment power consumption;
3. The furnace body adopts a double-layer air-cooled structure process, which helps to reduce the surface temperature of the shell;
4. Adopting intelligent PID fuzzy temperature control, with a 7-inch touch screen for centralized control, it can intuitively display the "time temperature" curve;
5. Adopting an integrated water-cooled flange to prevent the flange from overheating and damaging the sealing ring, fully ensuring the sealing performance of the equipment;
6. Using independently developed electromagnetic suspension release technology to achieve rapid quenching treatment of materials;

Product model


Electrical specifications

AC220V  2KW

Electrical specifications


Long term use temperature range


Size of constant temperature zone


heating rate 


Heating zone length


Furnace tube size


External dimensions


control system

1. Sintering process curve setting: dynamically display the setting curve, the equipment sintering can pre store multiple process curves, and each process curve can be freely set;
 2. Can schedule sintering and achieve unmanned sintering process curve sintering;
 3. Real time display of sintering power and voltage information, recording sintering data, and export to achieve paperless recording;
 4. Capable of remote control and real-time observation of equipment status;
 5. Temperature correction: The difference between the main control temperature and the sample temperature is corrected nonlinearly throughout the sintering process.

Heating element

Mo doped Fe Cr Al alloy

Temperature accuracy

+/- 1 ℃

Sealing system

Vacuum degree: ≤ 10Pa (mechanical pump)

Pressure measurement and monitoring


Using a mechanical pressure gauge, the outer shell of the gauge is an airtight structure, which can effectively protect the internal components from environmental impact and debris intrusion, and has strong corrosion and high temperature resistance.

Gas supply system

The gas flow rate is controlled by a float flowmeter, which is integrated with the equipment and has undergone leak testing before leaving the factory.

Equipment usage precautions

1. When the furnace temperature of the equipment is ≥ 300 ℃, it is prohibited to open the furnace to avoid injury;
2. When using the equipment, the pressure inside the furnace tube should not exceed 0.125MPa (absolute pressure) to prevent equipment damage caused by excessive pressure;
3. When used under vacuum, the operating temperature of the equipment shall not exceed 800 ℃.
4. The internal pressure of the gas supply steel cylinder is relatively high. When gas is introduced into the furnace tube, a pressure reducing valve must be installed on the cylinder. It is recommended to purchase a small pressure reducing valve for testing, with a range of 0.01MPa-0.15MPa, which will be more precise and safe to use.
5. When the temperature of the furnace body exceeds 1000 ℃, the furnace tube cannot be in a vacuum state, and the air pressure inside the furnace tube must be equivalent to atmospheric pressure and maintained at atmospheric pressure;
6. Long term use temperature of high-purity quartz tube ≤ 1100 ℃
7. It is not recommended to close the exhaust valve and intake valve at the flange end of the furnace tube during heating experiments. If it is necessary to close the gas valve to heat the sample, it is necessary to always pay attention to the reading on the pressure gauge. The absolute pressure gauge reading should not exceed 0.15MPa. The exhaust end valve must be immediately opened to prevent accidents (such as furnace tube rupture, flange flying out, etc.)

Service support

1-year warranty with lifetime support (warranty does not include consumable parts such as furnace tubes and sealing rings)

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