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Our company has signed a formal contract with the University and enterprise of the Career Academy, Zhengzhou.

Release time:2017-09-28  viewed:2032

In November 18th, we signed with the Zhengzhou Polytechnic Career Academy school enterprise depth cooperation project - Zhengzhou Polytechnic - the Mstar Technology Ltd. The promotion of mutual complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win and common development at the same time, also for the laboratory construction company opened a new page, marks our laboratory has a new innovation, make the college senior applied talents training into the fast lane.

Xu Xiaodong, general manager of our company, Cai Yongguo, general manager of Zhengzhou, vice president of Career Academy, Professor Zhao Jinzhao and vice president Gao Jianbing, attended the signing ceremony.

Our company is a well-known high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of new materials and new energy equipment. Since June of this year, our company has cooperated with Zhengzhou Polytechnic Career Academy in the field of experiment and training base construction.


Nobadi school enterprise cooperation project Nobadi school enterprise cooperation project

At the signing ceremony, Zhao Jinzhao and Xu Xiaodong signed a contract of cooperation on behalf of both parties. The two sides also discussed the annual research project.

Xu Xiaodong pointed out in his speech, signed a cooperation agreement, is a good start, the two sides of the depth of cooperation in the future, the two sides will make full use of the advantages of resources, expand the cooperative space, the cooperation project into entity experiment and training base of high level, high level, high efficiency and economy, make the teachers and students in our college enterprise management personnel and technical personnel, let us into the classroom, through mutual belt, improve enterprise management, R & D, production and sales ability, cultivate more "Double Teachers" and "double certificates" to make every student, graduate students, will be able to master the "special skills", become a social need and parents satisfaction, enterprises welcome talents.

Zhao president of our cooperation in all aspects of thought and speech in the construction of highly, he said, Zhengzhou Polytechnic and Career Academy Nuobadi we have a strong sense of mission, there is the desire and ability to continue to deepen cooperation in terms of technology and equipment, make contribution to realize common development.

After the signing ceremony, the two sides also made consultations and arrangements for making cooperative development plans, declaring projects, setting up research groups, and arranging personnel arrangements.