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Ganjiang Institute of Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Release time:2021-03-25  Number of views:2653

Ganjiang Innovation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as Ganjiang Innovation Institute) was jointly funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, and was approved by the Central Compilation Office in July 2020.

Ganjiang Innovation Institute, together with the National Key Laboratory, Engineering Technology Center, Technology Innovation Center, Key laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other innovation platforms, forms a multidisciplinary basic research and development platform such as "physics - chemistry - chemical industry - materials", and builds a research and development technology chain of "basic research - technology development - engineering application - technology equipment". It will become a comprehensive scientific and technological innovation platform with the most complete functions, the largest scale, the most advanced technology and scientific and technological services.

Our company's products passed the strict selection and evaluation of Ganjiang Innovation Institute, and finally won with all-round advantages, and established a long-term cooperative relationship with the innovation Institute. In the first phase, two high temperature sintering furnaces were provided, and the Institute gave full recognition to the excellent performance of the equipment.

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