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Homogeneous diffusion furnace

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Equipment introduction:

Colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises to metal, non-metal and other compound materials in the atmosphere state sintering, deposition, analysis and development of special equipment, it uses PLC control, touch screen operation. It is composed of sintering system, electronic control system, vacuum system and gas inlet and outlet system.



Equipment features:

1, the use of special furnace structure, the temperature uniformity is better than the general furnace.

2. Stable and reliable control, convenient operation, perfect safety protection measures.

3, Adopt advanced PID self-learning fuzzy control, high temperature control accuracy, keep at ±1℃.

4. The lining of furnace is made of high purity alumina light fiber material, which has better insulation effect and energy saving and consumption reduction.

5. With the function of Internet of Things (WIFI), the device can be monitored and operated remotely through mobile phones and computers.

6, data storage function, can save the important parameters of sintering, as long as 30 days (boot 8 hours a day).

7, formula function, can store more than 100 formula.

8, Unique mass flowmeter rated flow conversion function, through the selection of different gas types, the system automatically converted to the gas corresponding rated flow, so that the data is more accurate.

9, networking function, through the RJ45 interface, using TCP/IP protocol, the system can be connected to the upper computer (the upper computer needs to install the corresponding software).



Electrical Spec

Three-phase 380V 50HZ

Rated power


Heating element

High quality iron chrome aluminium alloy wire

Feeding mode

Hand feed

Type of temperature measuring element

Type K thermocouple 420mm



Effective heating zone size


Tube material

High purity quartz

Three-way gas flow


Chamber size


Recommended heating rate


Net weight


Flow control interface

Heating chamber

feeding port


One year limited warranty with lifetime support (warranty does not cover consumable parts such as furnace tubes and seals).


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