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Bottom-loading of the uniform temperature sintering furnace

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Equipment Profile:
Under the crucible rotate circular sintering furnace, the temperature field is more uniform, the uplift load material, simple operation, furnace made of high purity polycrystalline fiber fine control system adopts the NBD - 101 - e embedded operating system, touch screen visualization facilitated operation, 5 minutes into the working state, real-time display dynamic power of sintering and sintering process.
The heating body adopts the new technology of silicon and molybdenum bar, the annular heating crucible under the rotating uniform temperature system, and the design of flue gas exhaust and dust removal, which can effectively eliminate organic substances, not only can complete the uniform temperature sintering of the whole bridge, but also can be used for wax and ash removal.






Configuration details


1. Annular heater, self-cleaning chamber, uniform temperature field;
2. Electric lifting platform, material 360 degree self-rotating design, easy and fast charging, uniform temperature field;
3. Modular structure, durable and easy to maintain;
4. The top of the furnace is provided with a drain hole for drying and pre-burning volatiles to be cleaned;
5. Simple and convenient operation with one key, 15 working curves can be stored in advance for free use;
6. Real-time sintering temperature and power monitoring, safe and power-saving;

product model


Electrical specifications

AC220V   4.5KW



rotational speed


heating rate


chamber size


contorl system


1. 15 temperature curves can be stored in advance, and 30 "temperature-time" axes can be set for each curve to avoid the trouble caused by repeated setting of different experimental processes;
2. It has functions of over-temperature alarm, broken couple prompt, leakage protection and so on.
3. Nbd-101e embedded operating system graphical interface in English and Chinese, 7-inch true color touch screen input, intelligent man-machine dialogue mode, real-time heating power display, nonlinear style temperature correction;

 temperature precision

+/- 1℃

heating elements


Molybdenum disilicide special heating element, resistance to high temperature, oxidation resistance heating element.
It can reach 1700℃ when used in high temperature oxidizing atmosphere

net weight



1. Place the universal horizontal bubble on the hearth to adjust the level of equipment;
2. Before sintering of alumina fiber materials with strong acid and alkali, or materials containing lead vapor and similar volatile substances such as vanadium pentoxide, put the materials into the oven after ≧170℃ and fully baked ≧40 minutes, so as to fully volatilize the corrosive volatile substances, prevent furnace cracking and extend the service life of heating elements;
3. Before sintering material, place the pad brick in the middle of the hearth, place the material in the crucible and then on the pad brick, with a maximum of 160mm;
4. Observe whether there is a lag on the rotating and lifting furnace table;
5. Check whether the electrical connection of the temperature control system is in good contact every 3 months, and pay special attention to whether the connection points of each heating element are tight;

after-sales service

1 year warranty, providing lifetime support (the warranty does not cover consumable parts, such as heating elements and hearth)


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