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Uniform-temperature oxidation diffusion furnace

Release time:2020-11-02  viewed:202


Equipment Profile:
Uniform-temperature oxidation diffusion furnace is used in semiconductor devices, discrete devices, photoelectronic devices, power electronic devices, solar cells and large scale integrated circuit manufacturing and other fields for wafer diffusion, oxidation, annealing, alloy and sintering process, can be used for 2-8 inch process size


Configuration details


Equipment features:
1. Uniform temperature field, length and precision of constant temperature area: 300 ~ 1250mm, 800~1200℃±1℃
2. With powerful software functions and NBD-101EP embedded operating system, users can easily modify process control parameters and display various process states at any time;
Equipped with fault self-diagnosis software;
3. The program can realize manual/automatic work. After power failure or halfway shutdown, it can be started again to manually heat up according to the process, saving the process time;
4. It has a variety of process pipelines, which can be easily selected by users;
5. Cold end detection of ambient temperature for temperature compensation, to avoid environmental temperature change, impact on furnace temperature, to avoid inter-layer interference;
6. Multiple PID parameters can be stored for system operation and call function, with multi-point temperature compensation
7. Precise digital control of gas flow, closed-loop control of analog signal, separation of strong and weak electricity, standard bus for various data interactions, to improve anti-interference ability and ensure data safety;
Gas opening has slow start function;
8. Multiple alarm functions and safety protection functions;
9. Automatic adjustment of constant temperature area and cascade control can accurately control the actual process temperature of the reaction tube;
10. Automatic pressure adjustment technology introduces pressure parameters into crystal silicon oxidation process, which effectively reduces the interference of tail exhaust on the process and reduces the process fluctuation caused by exhaust

  • The outside diameter of process pipe can be arranged

Furnace tube diameter 152mm suitable for 3 ";
Furnace tube outer diameter 252mm suitable for 6 ";
Furnace tube outside diameter 300mm suitable for 8"

Temperature control range

300~1150 ℃

Length and accuracy of constant temperature zone

300~1250mm(According to customer requirements)  300~800 ℃±1.5℃, 800~1100 ℃±1℃

  • Controlled rate of rise and drop

  • Heating rate: Cooling rate ≦15℃/min Cooling rate ≤ 5℃/min

  • Number of heating zones

3-zone,4-zone,5-zone,6-zone(According to customer requirement)

charging method

Manual charging

cooling system

Water cooling 2-4kgf /cm2, 8L/min;
+ Upper connection and exhaust air cooling ≈25m3/min;

Axial temperature field distribution


  • Radial temperature field distribution


control system


1. 15 process curves can be stored in advance to avoid the trouble caused by repeated setting of different experimental processes;
2. The experiment process is more intuitive and the operation is more convenient;
3. Nbd-101ep embedded operating system graphical interface in English and Chinese, 10-inch true color touch screen input, intelligent man-machine dialogue mode, nonlinear style temperature correction;
4. It has the functions of overtemperature alarm, broken couple prompt, leakage protection and so on.

heating chamber


High quality heating silk: KANTHAL and HRE
Insulation material: crystal fiber, etc
Insulator: high purity corundum, spacing is adjusted according to temperature field
Port transition ring: alumina fiber vacuum forming.
Temperature zone: 3, 4, 5, 6






Vacuum degree: ≤10Pa (mechanical pump)

gas supply system


The mass flow meter is used to control the gas flow rate, which is integrated with the equipment.

  • Optional items

1. Discharge outlet detoxification gas tank;
2. Purify the discharge platform;
3. Automatic quartz slurry pushing and pulling mechanism


1. The sample must be installed with asbestos gloves, and quartz devices should be carefully broken;
2. Select the appropriate quartz boat, take out the clean quartz tray and quartz retractor;
3. Insert the installation sample into the trough of the quartz boat, and push the quartz boat into the furnace tube to the constant temperature area with the quartz hook;
4. The pressure inside the furnace shall not exceed 0.15mpa (absolute pressure) to prevent danger caused by excessive pressure
5. When used under high vacuum), the operating temperature of the equipment shall not exceed 1000℃;

after-sales service

One-year warranty, lifetime support (warranty does not cover consumable parts, such as furnace tubes and sealing rings)


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