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High RF Power PECVD system (rotary shimmy)

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Equipment Profile:
The rotational pendulous PECVD system is suitable for the deposition of thin films on the surface of powder materials.
The system consists of a high power RF power supply (500W, 13.56mhz), a gas mass flow control system, a vacuum system, and a rotating shimmy system. It adopts The NOBODY operating software of NBD-101EP centralized bus control technology.
The plasma properties are used to control or influence the chemical reaction process of gas reaction and material surface, and the film is deposited at the appropriate temperature.
The film deposited by PECVD has excellent electrical performance, good substrate adhesion and excellent step covering. These advantages make it widely used in vLSI, optoelectronic devices, MEMS and other fields.




Configuration details

Main Features:
1. Maximum output power of RF power: 500W (continuously adjustable), maximum reflected power: 70W;
2. Excellent electromagnetic shielding scheme, highly efficient and safe!
3. Special-shaped high-purity quartz furnace tube with large capacity reaction space;
4. Unique rotating (60 level fine-tuned design) shimmy structure ensures sufficient contact between materials and plasma;
5. Three-way high-precision mass flow meter (customized according to requirements), integrated gas mixing system;
6. Unique material inlet and outlet design ensures convenient material inlet and outlet of equipment under complex structure;
7. Radio frequency system, vacuum system and rotary shimmy system are fully integrated into one. The 7-inch full-touch screen operation is convenient and intuitive;
8. Six sets of process parameters can be saved and retrieved at any time;
9. The experimental data can be captured automatically and exported via USB interface.
Electrical specifications

AC220V    1.5KW



The reaction chamber

Φ120*L300mm(Customizable, welded three sets of baffles in tube), diameter of non-RF zone:φ60mm;

Flip speed

0.16 r/min(continuously variable );

Flip Angle

-3°~+3° Maximum dumping Angle is 30°

Reaction chamber pressure


Flange structure
Aeronautical aluminum quick opening mode;
operating system

NBD-101EP centralized bus control integrated system, 7" true color touch screen control, intelligent fuzzy PID control;
Intelligent man-machine dialogue mode;

Power of electric push rod


RF power supply
Output power 10 ~ 500W can be continuously adjusted, RF frequency: 13.56Mhz ±0.005%, automatic matching;
 vaccum test 
Digital vacuum gauge acquisition device;
Vacuum  obtained
NBD-4C mechanical vacuum pump (220V/50Hz), power: 0.4KW, pumping speed: 4m /h;
gas supply system
Mass flow controller (range and calibration can be customized) accuracy: ±1%F.S;
Response time: 1-4 seconds;
Equipment details




Part of the interface 




net weight


matters need attention

1. The RF matcher is generally in the automatic matching state, and the general power needs to reach above 50W to match;
2. If manual matching is adopted, set the power to about 60W, and then increase the power when manual tuning matching is appropriate
3. When working, it is necessary to change the air flow rate of the cavity. Firstly, the power should be set to zero, instead of directly pressing the "OFF" button to turn OFF the RF output.

after-sales service
One-year warranty, lifetime support;


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