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Mini hydrogen reduction furnace

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Equipment introduction:

This equipment through the pressure detection of the furnace tube, to provide safety protection functions such as cutting off gas, cooling, can also be discharged flammable tail gas ignition treatment, and equipped with dual ignition protection, to ensure that the exhaust gas can be fully burned. With the use of tubular furnace can also be the furnace tube gas automatic cleaning replacement.







1. Automatic circulation vacuum cleaning and air supply;

2. The exhaust end of two automatic igniters, one working one protection, to ensure the full combustion of combustible gas and stable operation of equipment;

3. Pipeline self-extinguishing anti-tempering device, strict control of flammable gas backsuction;

4. A variety of working modes can be selected and customized;

5.NBD-101E embedded operating system Chinese and English interchange graphical interface, 7 inches of true color touch screen input, intelligent man-machine dialogue mode, non-linear pattern temperature correction.



Control system


Corrosion-resistant stainless steel pipe or Teflon (optional)

size of interface

1/4”Double sleeve joint

 pipeline pressure


Net weight



1. Ensure that the absolute pressure in the pipeline is less than 0.15MPa;

2. After the gas cylinder is connected, soapy water should be used for leak detection test.


1 year warranty with lifetime support (consumable parts not included).


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