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1200 ℃ smart box furnace

Release time:2020-04-22  viewed:423


Equipment introduction:
  This equipment is specially designed to meet the needs of customers. It is a medium temperature sintering furnace with high cost performance. Very simplified classic design process, lightweight alumina fiber sintering furnace, touch screen control, man-machine dialogue, barrier-free communication, making the operation easier!







        Configuration details


1. The furnace volume is moderate, suitable for heat treatment process of various materials;

2. The refractory insulation material made by advanced technology has low heat loss and effectively reduces the equipment power;

3. Modular mechanism, durable and easy to maintain;

4. There is an exhaust chimney on the top of the furnace to effectively remove the volatiles generated during the sintering process;

5. Touch screen operation, display temperature curve intuitively;



Electrical Specifications

AC220V    3KW

Maximum temperature


Operating temperature


Heating rate


Furnace size


Control System


1. Intelligent PID temperature control mode to ensure the accuracy of equipment temperature control;

2. 15 curves can be pre-stored, each curve can be set to 30 "time-temperature" nodes, eliminating the need to repeatedly modify the curve time;

3. With over-temperature alarm, broken couple reminder, leakage protection and other functions;

Temperature control accuracy

+/- 1℃

Heating element


Mo-Fe-Cr-Al alloy

Net weight


Notes on equipment use

1. When the furnace temperature of the equipment is ≥300 ℃, it is forbidden to open the furnace to avoid injury;

2. Minor cracks produced by continuous use of the furnace chamber are normal phenomena and do not affect the normal use of the equipment;

Service support

1 year warranty and lifetime support (consumable parts are not included in the warranty). 

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