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Plasma cleaning machine

Release time:2020-04-21  viewed:121

           RFC series plasma cleaners are non-destructive surface treatment equipment, which has a very good effect on ultra-cleaning of organic pollution on the surfaces of metals, glass, silicon wafers, ceramics, plastics, and polymers. Strengthen the adhesion, compatibility and impregnation of these materials. The oxide layer on the surface of the metal material can also be removed, and the objects to be cleaned can be disinfected and sterilized.


Main feature 

1.It has the characteristics of stable performance, high cost performance, simple operation, low use cost and easy maintenance;

2.It can handle various patterns with different surface roughness;

3.Timed processing, fast processing, high cleaning efficiency;

4.Green environmental protection does not use chemical reagents, no pollution to samples and environment;

5.Ultra-clean at room temperature, non-destructive treatment of samples;