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1200℃Under Load Vertical Tube Furnace

Release time:2018-03-10  viewed:775

Equipment description:

The vertical tubular furnace adopts the structure design of the furnace tube placed vertically and the circular distribution of heating wire in the furnace chamber, which can be applied to the quenching, annealing, tempering treatment of small steel pieces, as well as the vertical CVD coating.The equipment can be operated in the state of atmosphere and vacuum, and can also be used as a common tube furnace.







Configuration details


1. The heating wire is distributed in the furnace, and the furnace tube is surrounded by 360 degrees to improve the temperature uniformity in the furnace;

2. High purity Al2O3 fiber refractory insulation material, superior insulation effect, effectively reduce the power consumption of the equipment;

3. The furnace body adopts double-layer air-cooled structure technology, which is helpful to reduce the surface temperature of the shell;

4. Intelligent PID fuzzy temperature control, centralized control of 7-inch touch screen, intuitive display of "time-temperature" curve;

5. Adopt an integrated water-cooled flange to prevent overheating of the flange from damaging the sealing ring and fully guarantee the sealing property of the equipment;

6. Using self-developed electromagnetic lifting trip technology to realize rapid quenching treatment of materials;

Product model




Electrical specifications

AC220V  1.2KW

AC220V  1.5KW

AC220V  1.8KW

Highest temperature

1200 ℃ (<1H)

1500 ℃ (<1H)

1700 ℃ (<1H)

Continuous temperature

1150 ℃

1450 ℃

1650 ℃

Maximum heating rate

≤  20 ℃/min

Heating zone length


The furnace pipe size




Control system


1. Adopt full automatic control mode to display the real-time data of the device on the touch screen;

2. The experimental process is more intuitive and the operation is more convenient;

3. It has the functions of over temperature alarm, broken couple prompt, leakage protection and so on.

The temperature precision

+/- 1 ℃

Heating element



Sealing system




Vacuum degree: ≤10Pa (mechanical pump)

Pressure measurement and monitoring


Mechanical pressure gauges with damping oil are used to reduce the back and forth swing of the pointer.

Gas supply system


The float flowmeter is used to control the gas velocity, which is integrated with the equipment and has been tested for air leakage before delivery.

Precautions for equipment use

1. When the equipment is in use, the pressure inside the furnace shall not exceed 0.125mpa (absolute pressure) to prevent damage caused by excessive pressure;

2. When used under high vacuum (10 to the minus 3 Pa), the operating temperature of the equipment shall not exceed 800℃.

Service support

1 year warranty with lifetime support (warranty does not include consumable parts such as furnace tubes and sealing rings). 

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