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Rotating  atmosphere furnace 1200℃

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Equipment description:

Based on the market demand and customer sintering process, the designer developed this production type of vacuum atmosphere rotary furnace, which can be used for the heat treatment of lithium battery anode and cathode materials, rare earth materials, chemical catalysts, magnetic materials, metal powder hydrogen reduction and other materials.Especially suitable for production enterprises, welcome new and old customers to send materials for test burning verification.







                Configuration details


1. The material is constantly flipped in the furnace tube, evenly heated, and fully in contact with the reaction atmosphere to ensure the full reaction of the material;

2. High purity Al2O3 fiber refractory insulation material, superior insulation effect, reduce the power consumption of the equipment;

3. Adopt advanced dynamic sealing device to ensure that the equipment can be used in vacuum and atmosphere;

4. The product USES the fully automatic control mode, and is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen to track and display the status of the device in real time;

5. The furnace body part can be inclined to -5-30°, which is convenient for customers to conduct discharging operation;

Product model



Electrical specifications

AC380V    12KW

AC380V    18KW

The highest temperature

1200 ℃ (<1H)

Continuous temperature

1100 ℃

Maximum heating rate

≤  20 ℃/min

Heating zone length



The furnace pipe size


Control system


1. Adopt full automatic control mode to display the real-time data of the device on the touch screen;

2. The experimental process is more intuitive and the operation is more convenient;

3. It has the functions of over temperature alarm, broken couple prompt, leakage protection and so on.

The temperature precision

+/- 1 ℃

Heating element


Mo - doped fe-cr-al alloy

Sealing system




Vacuum degree: ≤10Pa (mechanical pump)

Pressure measurement and monitoring


Mechanical pressure gauges with damping oil are used to reduce the back and forth swing of the pointer.

Gas supply system


The float flowmeter is used to control the gas velocity, which is integrated with the equipment and has been tested for air leakage before delivery.

The net weight


Equipment precautions

1. When the furnace temperature of the equipment is ≥300℃, do not open the furnace to avoid damage;

2. When the equipment is in use, the pressure inside the furnace shall not exceed 0.125mpa (absolute pressure) to prevent damage caused by excessive pressure;

3. The equipment is recommended to handle micron powder or granular sample, nano powder is not recommended to use this product;

4. When used under high vacuum (10 to the minus 3 Pa), the operating temperature of the equipment shall not exceed 800℃.

Service support

1 year warranty with lifetime support (warranty does not include consumable parts such as furnace tube and sealing ring). 

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