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Dental Zirconia Sintering Furnace NBD-B1700-10IT

Release time:2018-03-01  viewed:433

The technical parameters of 1700℃ Ziconia Sintering Furnace  

International advanced manufacturing technology, human security design. The furnace is made by high-purity alumina lightweight fiber material with very low thermal conductivity and bulk density. Compared with the traditional heavy materials, the uniform temperature of the device reflects the essential differences.

Imported alloy heating wire, control interface with large-size touch screen, easy to operate. The control mathematical model adopts the advanced PID self-learning fuzzy control to maintain the temperature control accuracy at ± 1 . The lifting system adopts the linear guide design with stepless speed regulation


Main Features

Ø Material firing uniform, can be installed quartz sleeve to prevent corrosion

Ø Complete self-defense control system

Ø Silent bilateral lifting system to ensure the stability of the lifting system

Ø Fully automatic control, touch screen, digital display

Ø Uplift system, power system, heating system, sports system, process, system monitoring and data acquisition;




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