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1700 ℃ mini intelligent box furnace

Release time:2018-03-01  viewed:588

Equipment introduction:
      The exquisite appearance design gives people a smooth use experience. The sintering curve that changes with temperature makes you clear at a glance and solves the problem of wrong curve setting. 15 sintering curves can be pre-stored to save the trouble of repeated modification, plus the classic style and touch screen graphic interface, making the operation of the device more simple. Reasonable heat dissipation design scheme makes the surface temperature of the furnace body always lower than 50 ℃ under high temperature.







            Configuration details

1. Adopt double-layer air cooling structure, which greatly reduces the surface temperature of the shell

2. Equipped with high-purity heating elements with excellent acid and corrosion resistance;

3. Adopting advanced technology refractory insulation materials, low heat loss, effectively reducing the power used by the equipment;

4. Modular mechanism, durable and easy to maintain;

5. There is an exhaust chimney on the top of the furnace to effectively remove the volatiles generated during the sintering process;

6. Touch screen operation, display temperature curve intuitively;





Electrical Specifications

AC220V  1.8KW

AC220V  4KW

AC220V  5KW

Maximum temperature


Operating temperature


Heating rate


Furnace size




Control System


1. 智能人机对话窗口,操作简便,且直观实时显示烧结数据;

2. 可预存15条曲线,每条曲线均可设置30段“时间-温度”节点,省去了重复修改曲线的工序

3. 具有超温报警、断偶提示、漏电保护等功能。

Temperature control accuracy

+/- 1℃

Heating element


High-purity silicon-molybdenum rod with excellent acid and corrosion resistance

Net weight




Notes on equipment use

1. When the furnace temperature of the equipment is ≥300 ℃, it is forbidden to open the furnace to avoid injury;

2. Minor cracks produced by continuous use of the furnace chamber are normal phenomena and do not affect the normal use of the equipment;

Service support

1 year warranty with lifetime support (consumable parts are not included in the warranty) 


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