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PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Depostion)

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Equipment introduction:

         The product is composed of a solid plasma source, a gas proton flow control system, a substrate temperature control system, and a vacuum system. The Nobardi operating software uses centralized bus control technology. It is suitable for the deposition of SiO2 and SiNx thin films under the conditions of room temperature to 1200 ° C. It can also realize the deposition of TEOS source, SiC film layer and liquid gaseous source deposition. Damage the deposition of passivation film.







  Configuration details


1. Clean the coating in one go, to prevent secondary pollution;

2. The upper opening type structure is convenient for observing the sample;

3. The product adopts automatic control mode, touch screen, digital display;

4. High degree of equipment integration;

5. Stable RF power supply, uniform temperature distribution, improve film formation quality;



Electrical Specifications

AC220V    4KW

Max temperature

1200 ℃

Operating temperature

≤ 1150 

Heating rate

≤  20 ℃/min

RF power supply

500W /13.56MHz

Tube size


Deposition diagram


As shown: This is a schematic diagram of the equipment deposition process

Control System


1. Adopt fully automatic control mode, real-time display of various data of the equipment with touch screen;

2. The experimental process is more intuitive and the operation is more convenient;

3. With over-temperature alarm, broken couple reminder, leakage protection and other functions.

Temperature control accuracy

+/- 1 ℃

Heating element


Mo-Fe-Cr-Al alloy

Sealing system




Vacuum:≤10Pa(Mechanical pump)

Pressure measurement and monitoring


The use of a digital display vacuum gauge can make the equipment vacuum more intuitive and the experimental results more accurate.

Gas supply system


Two-way proton flowmeter is used to accurately control the gas flow rate, and integrated with the equipment;

Net weight


Notes on equipment use

1. When the equipment is used, the pressure in the furnace tube must not exceed 0.125MPa (absolute pressure) to prevent the equipment from being damaged due to excessive pressure;

2. When using under high vacuum (10 minus 3 to the power Pa), the equipment temperature should not exceed 800 ℃.

Service support

1 year warranty, providing life-long support (the warranty does not include consumable parts, such as furnace tubes and sealing rings, etc.).

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