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Review and Celebration: The 14th Symposium on Structure and Performance Characterization Technology of Inorganic Materials has successfully concluded in Changsha, and Nobardi, as the core brand, has m

Release time:2024-05-27  Number of views:105

In the enthusiastic atmosphere of academia and innovation, the 14th Inorganic Material Structure and Performance Characterization Technology Seminar was successfully concluded in the historic and cultural city of Changsha, achieving a feast of technology and wisdom. As the core brand of this conference, nobody Company was invited to participate in the exhibition, not only showcasing advanced equipment, but also actively participating in academic exchanges and technical discussions in materials science, adding highlights to the conference.

Nobardi has made a stunning debut with its latest experimental equipment, showcasing the brand's excellence in technological innovation and profound understanding of materials science, from intelligent temperature controlled furnaces, precision electric furnaces to high vacuum sintering systems.

The technical team experts had in-depth exchanges with attending scholars and enterprise representatives on site, sharing success stories and answering questions regarding equipment performance and application cases, and receiving numerous positive reviews, demonstrating the outstanding performance and service advantages of nobody equipment in practical applications.

nobody performance at this conference is not only a product display, but also a transmission of brand philosophy and responsibility. With technical strength, we work together with all sectors to build a dream for the future of inorganic materials. Looking forward to the next year, Nobardi will reunite with the inorganic materials industry to share a technological event.

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