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Welcome to our booth at the 4th High Specific Energy Solid State Battery Key Materials Technology Conference

Release time:2023-01-31  Number of views:650

From February 21 to 22, 2023, the 4th High Specific Energy Solid State Battery Key Materials Technology Conference and the 6th Energy Particle Materials Preparation and Application Technology Summit Forum will be held in Changzhou "Holiday Inn Wujin".

Solid state battery is recognized as the most promising new generation of power battery, almost all power battery enterprises and car manufacturers are accelerating the layout, looking forward to seize the market initiative in the era of solid state battery. As the 1000km range of electric vehicles has gradually become a selling point for automobile enterprises, the industrialization process of solid-state batteries with both high energy density and safety has accelerated significantly. Semi-solid-state batteries have been installed on vehicles, and all-solid-state prototype battery cells have been successfully developed by enterprises.
As the core technology of solid electrolyte and matching anode and cathode materials, is now the major research institutes, enterprise R & D department technology focus. With the continuous breakthrough of material technology, solid state battery industrialization gradually transition from semi-solid to all-solid, in this process, the choice of oxide, sulfide, polymer and composite solid electrolyte technology route, the development of new anode and cathode materials, will bring a comprehensive reform of battery material system.

What stage is solid-state battery technology at? What size has the commercial market reached? What fields does the industry chain involve? These problems are widely concerned by people in the industry.

As a professional enterprise providing professional thermal equipment for the research of new energy materials, our company participated in the sponsorship and equipment display of this conference. Welcome to visit the booth (booth No. : D4).