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The third China New Materials Industry Conference - NOBODY

Release time:2021-10-26  Number of views:1676

The Third China New Material Industry Conference
Exhibition Time: October 22-24, 2021
Venue: China Optics Valley Technology Exhibition Center (No.787 Gaoxin Avenue, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province)

"The Third China New Materials Industry Development Conference" will focus on the national urgent need of "forward-looking layout", "breakthrough in weak areas" and "self-protection", and discuss the key obstacles and major breakthroughs in the "industry-university-research-application" chain of new materials from three dimensions of basic research, industrial development and technology application. This paper discusses the strategic measures for the development of new materials under the new situation from the perspective of systematic collaborative development. The conference is not only a high-level seminar for China's new materials to achieve self-strengthening, but also a high-end strategic conference for the development of China's new materials industry. Through in-depth meetings and exchanges, the conference will continuously promote the solution of the key core issues in the development of China's new materials industry, and help China's high technology, high-end manufacturing and major engineering to achieve world-class development level.

According to reports, this conference is expected to have 35 academicians, more than 2000 new material industry technical experts, more than 1000 new material production enterprises and application units to attend the conference. It will also host the first China High-level Strategic Experts Meeting on New Materials (the first "Materials Power" Forum) and high-level forums on 37 key strategic materials fields. It will also introduce to the whole society the 1,000 experts and technical expertise of "Science and Innovation China" in new materials, the latest scientific and technological achievements and technical cases of "Science and Innovation China" in new materials, and the needs of "Science and Innovation China" in new materials. An exhibition on Key strategic new materials and equipment will also be held at the same time.

During the meeting, there were scientific research workers from all over the country to our booth for in-depth discussion, but also gave us a lot of valuable opinions.