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Our company has been invited to participate in the Chinese Scientists Forum

Release time:2020-08-22  Number of views:3897

The 17th China Scientists Forum carried out the promotion and publicity activities of "Discovering Science and Technology Pioneers ● Paying tribute to Innovation First" and the cloud exhibition of innovation achievements of small and medium-sized enterprises. The Forum focused on publicity and recognition of advanced units, individuals and excellent inventions and innovation achievements emerging from the theoretical and application research of science and technology and the popularization of science and technology.

In view of your outstanding contribution in promoting industry development, technological innovation, achievement transformation and other aspects, we sincerely invite your "Automatic hydrogen reduction furnace" innovation achievements to be listed in the "2020 China Science and Technology Innovation and Invention Award", "2020 China (industrial) Science and Technology Innovation Advanced Unit", listed in the "14th Five-Year" key support plan of industry, university and research.