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Central South University rotating PECVD

Release time:2020-11-20  Number of views:3408

In order to deal with cerium carbonate materials, Mr. Cheng from Central South University customized non-standard rotary PECVD in our company. After the equipment was assembled, the no-load test machine was carried out, and he explained the functions and usage methods of the equipment to the teachers and students. After the test, the first experiment was conducted after all functions were normal.

Load about 25 grams of cerium carbonate, due to the raw material contains large moisture, start to vacuum obviously feel the vacuum rate is very slow, vacuum pump run for nearly an hour, to pump to about 100pa, in the case of no oxygen, once the radio frequency is turned on, the vacuum degree will rise rapidly, and the furnace tube internal glow is dim purple, and the brightness is not stable. It takes a long time. After oxygen is injected, the first reaction will be intense at the right end of the furnace tube, and a flash of red light will appear. With the advance of the reaction process, the glow will gradually stabilize and spread to the left side of the furnace tube until it fills the whole furnace tube, and the color of the glow will gradually change from dark purple to lavender and finally to light pink, after which the color will no longer change. The vacuum degree will also be maintained at a very low level, generally around 20pa, and the color of the material will change from the previous pure white to beige after the reaction is completed.

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