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Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Release time:2020-07-13  Number of views:4002

High temperature pit furnace, its own temperature field uniform characteristics have been widely used in the research of superconductivity, Professor Ren Zhiping, researcher of the Institute of Physics, doctoral supervisor, superconductivity room SC10 project leader. In the direction of my own research topic, I used the equipment to complete the experiment process.

1. Exploration and research of new high temperature superconducting materials and even room temperature superconductors;
2. Research on the relevant laws of material composition, lattice structure, electromagnetic heat transport properties, electronic band structure and superconductivity generation;
3. Research on the growth of high-quality new superconducting single crystals and related physical problems;
4. Preparation and application development of key superconducting materials for next-generation high-field superconducting magnets.

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