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1700℃ Muffle Furnace

Release time:2018-03-01  viewed:607

Equipment introduction:

With exquisite processing technology and convenient touch screen operation design, the zirconia denture crystal sintering furnace is welcomed by the majority of denture processing factory customers. The denture crystal sintering effect is excellent, the sintering speed is fast, and the denture does not deform.







Configuration details

1. Adopting double-layer air cooling structure, greatly reducing the shell surface temperature;

2. High purity heating element with excellent acid and corrosion resistance;

3. Adopting advanced process fire-resistant and heat preservation materials, the heat loss is small, effectively reducing the use power of the equipment;

4. Modular mechanism, durable and easy to maintain;

5. The top of the furnace is equipped with an exhaust chimney to effectively remove the volatiles produced in the sintering process;

6. Touch screen operation, intuitive display of temperature curve;

Product model


Electrical specifications

AC220V  1.8KW

maximum temperature


Continuous temperature


Maximum heating rate


Furnace size


Control system


Control system

1. Intelligent man-machine dialogue window, easy to operate, and intuitive real-time display of sintering data;

2. 15 curves can be pre stored, each curve can be set with 30 "time temperature" nodes, eliminating the process of repeatedly modifying the curve;

3. It has over temperature alarm, break even prompt, leakage protection and other functions.

Temperature accuracy

+/- 1℃

Heating element


High purity silicon molybdenum rod with excellent acid and corrosion resistance of heating element

Net weight


Precautions for equipment use

1. When the furnace temperature of the equipment is ≥ 300 ℃, it is forbidden to open the furnace to avoid injury;

2. Slight cracks caused by continuous use of furnace belong to normal phenomenon, which will not affect normal use of equipment;

Service support

Service support

1 year warranty, lifetime support (consumable parts, such as furnace tube and sealing ring, etc. are not included in the warranty)

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